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De Europese Commissie publiceerde een samenvatting van de antwoorden ontvangen  naar aanleiding van de consultatie rond het beleid inzake de wettelijke controle

13 februari 2011
Bron: website van de Europese Commissie.

De Europese Commissie publiceerde op 4 februari 2011 “Summary of Responses Green Paper - Audit policy: lessons from the crisis”. Hierin worden de 688 antwoorden samengevat op een brede raadpleging die de Europese Commissie op 13 oktober 2010 lanceerde over de rol van de wettelijke controle van financiële overzichten en de ruimere omgeving waarbinnen deze controles worden uitgevoerd.

Onder “Background” kan onder meer worden gelezen: “Through this summary, our endeavour is to provide an accurate depiction of the broad spectrum of responses. As for any public consultation, there are some responses at the extremes of the opinion spectrum with outright rejection of almost everything on the one hand and unflinching support for most ideas at the other. We have tried to provide an idea of the different levels of support and rejection as well as the stakeholder groups concerned. The stakeholder groupings used throughout the summary emanate from the procedures used by us to process all the replies; they are not intended to 'club' any particular respondent in a category as there may well be instances where the respondent could have been included in another category. In any case, in order to facilitate a trail back to the individual responses, the latter will be published using the same categories as those appearing in this summary. For ease of reference back to the Green Paper we have also used the same section headings as in the Green Paper.”.

Dit document kan worden gedownload op volgende adres:

  • ICCI - Informatiecentrum voor het bedrijfsrevisoraat