Process and Methodology

  1. Jury members are requested to rate the applications on a scale from 0 (neutral/negative) to 10/25 (positive) by applying the evaluation criteria (based on GRI) and identifying the top selected initiatives.
  2. The Jury acts on an ad honorem basis and follows the principle of “independent” votes ensuring that Jury members do not evaluate reports in which they have a conflict of interest.
  3. IBR/IRE staff compiles scores from all individual Jury members and shares the results with the Jury in the meetings to enable the Jury to discuss reports and rating
  4. The Jury process operates in two phases:
  • first assesment (from mid-July to end Augustus): Jury members are divided into "sub-juries" per category of organization and evaluate the reports using the evaluation criteria. They short-list the reports that achieve the highest ratings;
  • second assesment (from mid-September to mid-October):  Jury members read all reports coming out of the first phase and select the winners & nominees within the top-rated reports.

Composition in 2024

The Jury is made up of representatives of the academic world, economic actors, representatives of the social profit world and the public sector, as well as journalists and registered auditors. Since a few years, the winners of the previous editions have also accepted to participate in the Jury for the next edition and have all mentioned the enriching formula of such a process in term of mutual sharing of experiences.


  • Marc DAELMAN (registered auditor with IBR-IRE) – with an advisory vote

Jury members:

  • Natalia AGUEROS, Director, ESG Strategy & Engagement at Umicore (Winner 2023)
  • Viktoriya BAKHTINA, Group Sustainability manager at VPK Group (Winner 2023)
  • Lies BOUTEN, Associate Professor at IESEG Management School
  • Diane BREESCH, Professor Accountancy & Auditing, VUB
  • Jo COBBAUT, Chief redactor at Etion
  • Carlos DESMET, Guest lecturer at Louvain School of Management
  • Harry EVERAERTS, Registered auditor at IBR-IRE
  • Deborah FISCHER, Registered auditor at IBR-IRE
  • Kenny FREDERICKX, General Directeur at Forum ETHIBEL
  • Sandra GOBERT, CEO at Guberna
  • Véronique GRAHAM et Anne-Catherine TRINON, Cap Conseil
  • Sophie HOOZEE, Professor at Universiteit Gent
  • Daphné HOYAUX, Directorate General for Economic Analysis and International Economics at SPF-FOD Economy
  • Morgane LEJEUNE, Conseil des Jeunes IRE/Jongerenraad – Registered Auditor IBR-IRE
  • Sofian MILAD, Registered Auditor IBR-IRE
  • Kelly MOERMAN, Sustainability Manager at Alides Reim (Winner 2023)
  • Roland MOREAU, Guest Professor at ULB
  • Rodolphe MOURIAU et Margo OSIER, FEB-VBO
  • Steven MULKENS, Registered Auditor at IBR-IRE
  • Dries OOSTERLINCK, Conseil des Jeunes IRE/Jongerenraad – Registered Auditor IBR-IRE
  • Serge PATTYN, Director at ABAF/BVFA
  • Thomas PIRARD, European & International affairs Study unit at UNIZO
  • Anouk VAN DE MEULEBROECKE, Founding member at Sliding Doors
  • Luc VAN LIEDEKERKE, BASF-Deloitte-Elia Chair on Sustainability at Antwerp Management School
  • Katherina WALLYN, Expert Social Responsibility, FIDO/IFDD
  • Victoria WHITELAW et Eléonore DUBOIS, UCM