7 juillet 2022

With reference to our recent notice 2022 / 08 dated 24 June 2022 and the agreed-upon procedures to be performed by the statutory auditor on the reimbursement schedules prepared by the insurance companies, we would like to communicate the following update.

We have been informed by Assuralia that both the Walloon and the Flemish Region recently agreed to reimburse all claims resulting from damages caused by the floods of 14 to 16 July 2021 in the respective regions, regardless of the municipality in which the property is located.

As a result, the agreed-upon procedures need to be amended and interpreted as follows:
  • Addendum of the Flemish Region – procedure 2.c: « dat de locatie van het door het schadegeval getroffen goed valt onder de dekking van het Protocol en zich bevindt in een gemeente van het Vlaams Gewest »; and
  • Addendum of the Walloon Region – procedure 2.c: « que la localisation de la propriété impactée par le sinistre est couverte par le Protocole et se situe dans une commune de la Région Wallonne ».
  • We also understand that the signing process of all Protocol and Addendum documents is well advanced, with almost all parties having signed.
Should you have further questions with respect to this communication, do not hesitate to contact me, a Board member or Veerle Sablon (v.sablon@irefi-iraif.be).

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