23 maart 2023

In 2023, the IREFI will award a thesis prize, honoring the best master's thesis on a current topic relating to the financial services sector.

This award reflects the ambition of the IREFI Board to increase the attractiveness of the audit profession in the financial services sector by stimulating students to carry out research that is relevant to the financial sector in the broader sense.

Award winners can receive prizes ranging from 1.000 EUR to 3.000 EUR and will have the opportunity to present their thesis to a public of accredited auditors and financial services audit teams at the occasion of an award ceremony.

More information on this thesis prize can be found in the attached document, that includes the thesis award rules, contact information and registration form.

If you would have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Veerle Sablon (v.sablon@irefi-iraif.be).



IREFI Notice 2024/03: Update model reports prudential reporting 31 December 2023

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